OMRON All for Healthcare

Our Business

Monitor. Realize. Change.
Our stage of business is expanding globally.

In more than 110 countries/regions throughout the world, we provide healthcare products that can measure virtually any indicator of lifestyle diseases. These products range from home-use devices such as blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, and body composition monitors with scale, to professional medical equipment capable of detecting hardening of the arteries and analyzing visceral fat.

Monitoring lets people evaluate their bodily conditions, identify problems, and realize what needs to be changed. This can motivate people to change their lifestyles. Monitored data can also be used by people to promote wellness on their own.

At Omron Healthcare, our business currently focuses on the three fields of lifestyle diseases, respiratory diseases, and health promotion. In addition to our core global products, which include blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, nebulizers, and digital thermometers, we also provide body composition monitors and activity monitors customized to meet each region's characteristics and market needs.