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Omron Healthcare Wins "iF Product Design Awards" and "Universal Design Awards" for its Blood Pressure Monitor and Thermometer

KYOTO, Japan - Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd, received iF Product Design Awards and Universal Design Awards for 8 models of blood pressure monitors and thermometers in this year's competitions.

The iF Product design Award, presented by Hannover-based International Forum Design GmbH, is one of the world's most prestigious design awards. Products are rated on uniqueness, innovation, aesthetic appearance, usefulness and eco-friendliness as well as performance, quality and price. This year's competition drew 2756 entries from 43 countries, of which 993 products received awards.

The Universal Design Awards, hosted by the Universal Design Association, evaluates the fairness, flexibility, safety ease-of-use and cost of products.

Omron Healthcare received the iF Product Design awards for five consecutive years since 2007 and the Universal Design Awards for four consecutive years since 2008.

Going forward, Omron Healthcare will continue to approach product development from a user perspective and with a focus on accuracy and ease-of-use under our design concept, "Shaped for people."

Received Awards

iF Product Design Awards
Universal Design Awards

Award-winning Products

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor: HEM-7430, HEM-7420, HEM-7230, HEM-7220 and HEM-7210*
Digital Thermometer: MC-675, MC-674 and MC-677W-HP*

*Blood Pressure Monitors HEM-7430, HEM-7420, HEM-7230, HEM-7220 and HEM-7210 are in the same product series where each differs slightly in function or design. The same can be said for Digital Thermometers MC-675, MC-674 and MC-677W-HP.

Product Profiles: iF Product Design Awards, Universal Design Awards -winning Products 2011

●HEM-7430, HEM-7420, HEM-7230, HEM-7220 and HEM-7210 Auto Blood Pressure Monitor

The upper arm blood pressure monitor adopted unique technology that ensures accurate and comfortable measurement at home. "Cuff Wrapping system" checks and indicates whether the cuff is properly applied, and the original algorithm is used to auto-set optimal inflation and deflation speed depending on user's blood pressure level (HEM-7430 and HEM-7420) in order to support the relaxed and correct monitoring everyday.

* This product received a Good Design Award (Japan) in 2010.


●MC-675, MC-674 and MC-677W-HP Digital Thermometer

"Fit Sensor" guides you to a correct placement of the thermometer with light and sound (MC-675). Our proprietary flat probe tip firmly fits the arms of all ages to support the correct and easy measurement.
MC-675 and MC-674 are home-use products and MC-677W-HP is for medical professionals.

* This product received a Good Design Award (Japan) in 2010.


iF Product Design AwardsiF Product Design Awards

Universal Design AwardsUniversal Design Awards