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Omron Healthcare Donates Medical Equipment to Areas Affected by Earthquakes in North-Eastern Japan

KYOTO, Japan - OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd., today announced that it will donate the following medical devices to communities affected by the earthquakes and tsunami that struck north-eastern Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011.

  • 125,000 home-use thermometers (MC-246: 100,000, MC-675: 20,000, MC-140: 5,000)
  • 40,000 hospital-use thermometers (MC-141-HP: 40,000)
  • 5,000 home-use blood pressure monitors (HEM-7210: 3,000, HEM-7020: 1,000, HEM-1000: 1,000)
  • 1,000 portable nebulizers (NE-U22)
  • 20 vital signs monitoring systems (HBP-2070 series)
  • 50 portable electrocardiograms (HCG-801)

Omron Healthcare sincerely hopes swift recovery of the people and areas affected by the disasters.