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Omron Healthcare Wins "iF Product Design Awards" for its WellnessLINK Products and Nebulizer

KYOTO, Japan-Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. received iF Product Design Awards for 3 WellnessLINK products and a nebulizer in this year's competition.

The iF Product Design Award, presented by Hannover-based International Forum Design GmbH, is one of the world's most prestigious design awards. Products are rated on uniqueness, innovation, aesthetic appearance, usefulness and eco-friendliness as well as performance, quality and price. This year's competition drew 4322 entries from 48 countries, of which 1218 products received awards.

Omron Healthcare received the iF Product Design Awards for six consecutive years since 2007.

Going forward, Omron Healthcare will continue to approach product development from a user perspective and with a focus on accuracy and ease-of-use under our design concept, "Shaped for people.".

Received Award

iF Product Design Award

Award-winning Products

●WellnessLINK Products: Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7250-IT, Body Composition Monitor HBF-208IT, Pedometer HJ-205IT

HEM-7250-IT, HBF-208IT and HJ-205IT HEM-7250-IT, HBF-208IT and HJ-205IT

These were the first of WellnessLINK series products that linked to Omron's online information and health data management, WellnessLINK. Both the products and the service were released in November 2011. You can record and update your health data easily by connecting them via USB to a computer or by using FeliCa (contactless RFID smart card system).

These products also won Good Design Award 2011 in Japan.

●Nebulizer: NE-C801S


Omron's Virtual Valve Technology allows this compressor nebulizer to efficiently deliver medication. This silent and small device is easy to use for patients of all generations. Available in Europe and South East Asia.