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Announcement of Changes in Board Members

Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. (Kyoto, Japan, Representative Director, President and CEO : Kiichiro Miyata) announced today a change of board members following the board resolution made at a meeting of the Board of Directors on January 29, 2015

The selections of Director will be subject to the approval at the extraordinary Shareholder's meeting to be held on Late March, 2015 and the Board of Directors Meeting to be held on the same day.

Board Members (as of March 21, 2015)

1. New Candidate

Position (New) Name
Representative Director
President and CEO
Isao Ogino
Director and Executive Vice President Kenji Sugawa

2. Scheduled to retire

Position (Current) Name
Representative Director
President and CEO
Kiichiro Miyata

Kiichiro Miyata is appointed to be the CTO and Senior General Manager of Technology & Intellectual Property Headquarters, Omron Corporation on March 21, 2015

Profile of the newly appointed Representative Director and CEO

Name: Isao Ogino
Date of birth: April 26, 1962
Hometown Tokyo
Education: Nihon University, (BS. In Electrical Engineering)
Professional Background:
April 2014 to Present Executive Vice President, Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.
April 2013 to Present Executive Officer, Omron Corporation
April 2013 Senior Managing Officer, Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.
March 2013 Senior General Manager, Sales and Marketing HQ - EMEA and Americas
April 2012 CEO, Omron Healthcare Inc.
June 2011 to Present Director, Omron Healthcare Co.,Ltd.
March 2011 to Present Senior General Manager, Management Strategy HQ.
Senior General Manager, Product Planning Strategy HQ.
April 2010 Managing Officer, Omron Healthcare, Co., Ltd.
March 2009 Senior General Manager, Medical Business Strategy HQ,
Omron Healthcare Co.,Ltd.
President, Omron Colin Co.,Ltd.
April 2006 Executive officer, Omron Healthcare Co.,Ltd.
March 2003 General Manager of Business Development division
New Business Development Center, Omron Healthcare Co.,Ltd.
April 1985 Joined Omron Tateisi Electronics Co.,Ltd. (Current Omron Corporation)