Omron Hearthcare_BPM Types

Accurate. Easy-to-use. Portable…Different types of blood pressure
monitors have their respective advantages. Because a blood pressure
monitor is designed for everyday use, it’s important to choose a device
that best fits your needs.

Home-use blood pressure monitors are roughly divided into two types-the upper arm type and the wrist type. These differ according to where you place the cuff when you take the measurement, but they also differ in the types of features they offer. The upper arm blood pressure monitors are available in the regular cuff wrapping type, in which you wrap the cuff around your arm yourself,and the fully automatic type with an integrated cylinder cuff in which you just insert your arm.

The upper arm type is the standard doctor-recommended device, but the wrist type monitor also has advantages, including ease of monitoring without the need to take off your jacket. This type is also compact and portable, so it is especially convenient for blood pressure measurement while you are traveling or on the go.

Whichever type you choose, there is no difference in accuracy as long as you maintain the correct posture for measurement and follow the correct procedures. So we recommend that you choose the type that best fits your usage patterns, your degree of experience in blood pressure monitoring, and other preferences.

Upper arm blood pressure monitors(Regular cuff wrapping type)

Reference standard for home-use monitors and recommended by doctors, these upper arm units are used by wrapping the cuff around your arm.

Feature#1.Omron proprietary easy-wrap cuffs

To obtain accurate blood pressure readings, it is essential to adopt correct cuff positioning and proper wrapping tightness. Omron offers a variety of cuffs to fit different arm sizes, allowing people with a range of body types to apply the cuffs easily. Omron’s own pre-formed ComFit Cuff can be used with one hand easily and correctly. The eFit Cuff employs a soft material that reduces discomfort caused by excessive pressure during cuff inflation. These are a few examples of Omron’s user-friendly features for ensuring comfortable, stress-free blood pressure monitoring.

  • ComFit Cuff
    ComFit Cuff
  • eFit Cuff
    eFit Cuff

Feature #2.Functions that enable anyone to
take measurements easily and accurately

The Cuff Wrap Guide function tells you via illuminated indicators whether the cuff is too loose or wrapped correctly. Correct measurement can also be confirmed via text message or symbols on the display. These functions help you measure blood pressure at home comfortably and with a sense of assurance that your readings are correct.

    • Correctly
    • Too loose or too tight
      Too loose or too tight
    Cuff Wrap Guide

Upper arm blood pressure monitors(Fully automatic type)

These models feature a fully automatic cuff wrapping system. The unique integrated cuff design naturally places you in the correct measurement posture when you insert your arm into the cuff. This is especially convenient for those who are seeking a handy way to check their blood pressure on a daily basis, or who are not sure about how to position the cuff.

Feature #1.Inclining cuff makes it easy to
maintain correct posture

When you insert your arm into the cuff, it automatically inclines to the correct measurement position. This Omron proprietary inclining cuff helps you maintain the correct posture, regardless of your height or the height of the table, ensuring accurate readings each time blood pressure is checked.

Feature #2.Notification of correct sitting

When you insert your arm into the cuff, the monitor automatically checks the angle of the inclined cuff and notifies you of the proper sitting position via the display.

  • The unit is at a level lower than your heart
    The unit is at a level lower than your heart
  • The unit is to far away from your body
    The unit is to far away from your body
  • Correct posture
    Correct posture

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

These simple wrist-monitoring devices have a compact, portable design that offers extra convenience for those who want to measure blood pressure while travelling or at work.

Feature #1.Indicator to guide your wrist to
the heart level

Correct positioning of the wrist in alignment with your heart is key to reliable blood pressure measurement with a wrist-type unit. The positioning indicator notifies you when your monitor is at the correct height, so you can easily adopt the correct posture for accurate reading.

Indicator to guide your wrist to the heart level

Feature #2.Cuff Wrap Guide for error-free
cuff placement

The indicator on Omron wrist-type models confirms that the cuff has been wrapped correctly around the wrist. This makes it easy to measure blood pressure accurately, even for those who are not accustomed to using blood pressure monitors.

Cuff Wrap Guide